Past Events

60th Anniversary Commemoration


Join us as we conclude our 60th Anniversary Commemoration  

of the events of Hungary 1956 with a Panel Discussion

Wednesday, January 25, 2017  

7 – 9pm

University of Houston-Downtown (UHD)  

One Main Street building, Floor – 10 North 

Room 1099 

The year 2016 marked the 60th anniversary of the modern-day David vs. Goliath struggle of the tiny country of Hungary versus then mighty Soviet Union. In the 1950’s, at a time when the Soviet Union seemed unbeatable, Hungarian students and workers led the fight for freedom against the occupying Soviet forces. For 13 days, Hungarian freedom fighters fought for independence as the world celebrated their bravery. But on November 4th, Soviet soldiers returned, and crushed the Revolution and with it Hungary’s hopes for freedom. However, because it showed for the first time, the true and terrible face of Communism to the world, it was also seen as a victory for Hungary. The Revolution of 1956 is widely acknowledged as the first nail in the coffin of Communism. As we wind down our photo exhibition commemorating the events of 1956 in partnership with University of Houston- Downtown, we invite you to join us for a panel discussion with Dr. Joseph Nagyváry, Dr. Ferenc Korompai, Mr. Miklos Oláh and Ms. Beatrix Manyai as they share their stories and experience from the events of 1956 and how the events impacted their lives.


Panelists include:
Dr. Joseph Nagyváry, MD, PhD
Dr. Ferenc Korompai, MD PhD, FACS
Mr. Miklos Oláh
Ms. Beatrix Manyai, MBA, MEd

Richard Graber, Interim Board Chair of the Hungarian American Cultural Association (HACA) of Houston.

This panel discussion is made possible through a partnership of The Hungarian American Cultural Association (HACA) of Houston and the University of Houston-Downtown with funding from the Hungary Initiatives Foundation.