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Join us for Houston’s first Táncház!



Learn Hungarian dances from Sárköz and Mezőség!

Saturday, March 7, 2009  7:00pm – 9:00pm

Brazilian Arts Foundation

1133 East 11th Street
(in the Heights)

Houston, TX. 77009

Ages 13 and up – $5 at the door per person

What is Táncház?

Táncház (pronounced “tants-hoz”, literally “dance house”) is an aspect of the Hungarian roots revival of traditional culture which began in the early 1970s, and remains an active part of the national culture across the country, especially in cities like Budapest. Táncház draws on traditions from across Hungary, especially music and dance, as well as Transylvania (a region of Romania). The term is derived from a Transylvanian tradition of holding dances at individual’s homes. (Transylvania is home to roughly 2 million ethnic Hungarians)

The Hungarian folk dance movement is a model for many countries in preserving complex traditions of a nation for future generations. A typical táncház may involve several dance cycles in a informal setting sometimes with live music and singing. It is an excellent vehicle for getting acquainted with a colorful and rich culture, learning traditional dances and songs, and making friends! Táncház celebrates community! Join us! No experience or dance partner necessary!

Leather soled shoes and comfortable clothes strongly encouraged. Richard Graber, founder of the Cleveland based Csardas Dance Company will lead teaching circles.

We have limited space so please RSVP to